Sharing the Gospel

It’s currently only 12:30pm but I feel like it’s 5pm after such a busy Tuesday morning. I came into Clark Library to last-minute study for my exam that’s in 2 hours and, just my luck, I couldn’t find a seat anywhere. Kinda grumpy, kinda anxious, I decided to just take a seat in a not-so-ideal location. I think the girl next to me saw the expression I had on my face and happily offered her desk. I bashfully declined, didn’t think much of it, and just opened my notes.

I couldn’t help but notice a bulletin peeping from her backpack that was from another Christian fellowship on Grounds. Then, I also couldn’t help but notice she was taking notes on not an academic textbook, but actually the Bible. She was doing her QT.

I’m not sure why this moment hit me so hard like the way it did but I felt guilty and ashamed of myself for being so irritated about such a small thing. For her, she was not only spending her afternoon with the Lord, but also readily and gladly sharing the Gospel through her kind gestures to strangers. For me, the day went on because it needed to and when things didn’t go my way, I let out frustration. But for her, she rejoiced in the moment and found opportunities to discomfort herself for the comfort of others, like my ungrateful self.

The sight of her doing her QT with smiles and nodding really encouraged me but also made me really question how I was portraying God’s light in my every day lifestyle. Am I offering my desk to others? Am I letting God’s love overflow out of my heart into my actions like this girl was? Am I being the salt and light of God’s kingdom? Or am I just a grumpy cat too focused on herself and how life is not going 100% the way she wants it to?

This interaction was brief but I believe God used her and her actions to remind me two simple but difficult things: give thanks to God for the good and the bad and extend God’s love to those around me. Spreading the Gospel doesn’t always have to be through words, it can be through actions. So, random girl from Clark, thank you for showing me a glimpse of God’s kindness, mercy, and love to me!

“Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” Proverbs 3:3.

Much love,



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